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Dynamic Balancing Machines

The development and manufacturing of precision equipment rotors requires high quality dynamic balancing technology that prevents vibration at high rotating speeds. This is so for all industries, including consumer electronics, machinery, industrial products and other industries. Shonan Shimadzu dynamic balancing machines provide the critical data necessary for eliminating balance problems and creating precisely balanced rotors.

DBM-G Dynamic Balancing Controller

Calculation of unbalance amount and angles instantaneous by Shimadzu's FULL-DIGITAL Signal Processing Technology.

  • Provides high-precision in short measurement time
  • Superior Stability
  • Ultra-short measurement time (around one third of conventional systems)
  • Resistant to environment influences
  • Maintenance free

DBM-G Dynamic Balancing Measurement Control Software

  • Easy-to-view Windows
  • Simplified Condition Setup
  • Wide Variety of Options
  • Total Balance Management and Management

Horizontal, Soft Two-Plane Measurement SGB Series

Horizontal, Hard Two-Plane Measurement HGJ Series

Vertical, Two-Plane Measurement VG Series